I’ve recently been called out to a lot of composite and uPVC door repairs in Cheltenham. There are several common faults with uPVC and composite doors.

Door Mis-Alignment

I think the weather fluctuating between extremely cold to very mild winter temperatures has caused havoc with the locks and hinges on these modern doors.

If you listen to your house throughout the day I’m sure you’ll hear the odd crack or ping type noise, notably made by double glazing expanding and contracting according to the fluctuating temperature. Most of the time, your double glazing can cope with this, but the door mechanisms can be a bit temperamental & every couple of years, you’ll probably have a problem with mis-alignment of the locks.

uPVC door repairs in Cheltenham

This aluminium door needed an adjustment to get the door to shut properly.

uPVC door repairs Cheltenham

And this uPVC door wouldn’t close, so after searching for an emergency locksmith in Cheltenham, this customer requested I came as soon as possible to secure their home. I was happy to oblige & after a few adjustments to the door and it’s hinges, it was opening and closing again without any problem. The customer was happy with the speed of service and the cost, as no new parts were needed and I’m a local Cheltenham locksmith, so I don’t charge National call-out rates.

Faulty Locks

Another common problem is the gearbox inside the door lock will jam and you can’t turn the lock. This can happen at any time, so I would advise you keep the number of your local friendly 24/7 locksmith in your phone – it’s 07399 106766.

Should your front door lock stop working, I carry a huge range of spare parts on my van and can be with you really quickly! I have the specialist tools and experience to get your door open and then either repair the lock or if necessary, replace the faulty gearbox.

Composite and uPVC door repairs Cheltenham
uPVC door repair Cheltenham

Both of the above doors needed replacement locks, but this is a lot cheaper than calling a double glazing company who will try to sell you a new door!

Locked Out By Key On The Inside

Occasionally, a customer will get locked out of their own house because they’ve rushed out, pulled the door closed & forgotten there’s a key left on the inside. Then when they return, their key won’t turn in the lock! This happens on some key/key uPVC locks and if anyone has ever had this problem, once I gain entry for them, I advise to change the lock to a key/thumb turn style lock. This prevents the need for a key on the inside and hence, the problem disappears.

composite door lock repairs in Cheltenham

This composite door was a key/key lock that the customer wanted changed to a key/thumb turn for easier use, as well as upgrading to a high security lock and new door handles.

If you’re having problems with composite or uPVC door locks or door mis-alignment, please contact Secure Locksmiths Cheltenham – your local, friendly locksmith who will come out in all weathers to secure your home or business.