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Specialists in uPVC window and door locks

uPVC lock repairs Cheltenham

UPVC door and window locks are found in most modern homes these days. These locks offer a good level of security, but their sophisticated mechanism can be complicated or costly to fix in the event of damage, wear and tear or when you’re locked out.

As a qualified locksmith, I specialise in repairing and replacing UPVC locks and handles. I can solve your access issue quickly, reliably and for far less than a national firm will charge.

  • UPVC door maintenance and repair
  • UPVC handles
  • Door letter plates
  • Extra security for UPVC doors
  • and more
For further information on repairing or replacing your UPVC window or door locks please contact Secure Locksmith and I will be happy to help!

uPVC Door and Window Lock Repairs

If your uPVC door or window is becoming difficult to lock or unlock, then it’s time to call in the uPVC repair professionals. Forcing a door to lock can lead to a failed multi-point locking mechanism. Secure Locks can of course replace failed locking mechanisms but it is much kinder on your pocket to prevent the failure by having your door locks serviced before it gets to this stage.

uPVC lock repairs Cheltenham

Always call out an experienced and qualified uPVC window and door locks Specialist

Below is an example of where I attended a client call out for a distressed customer recently.

The damage to this uPVC door and lock was caused by another locksmith attempting to replace the lock.

Please only use a qualified locksmith; always check that your chosen locksmith isn’t part of a National Company, where typically they use tradesmen new to the industry with little or no training or experience.

uPVC door lock repairs Cheltenham
uPVC door lock repairs Cheltenham
Specialist in uPVC door locks Cheltenham
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