Locked Out by the Dog!

I received an emergency locksmith call from this guy who said he’d been locked out by his dog! Well, I did have a little chuckle to myself, but then jumped in my van to get to him as quickly as possible. Being a local Cheltenham locksmith, when I say I’ll be quick, I really mean it & this one was just 10 minutes from me.

The problem was the type of front door lock on this uPVC front door. It allowed him to leave a key halfway in the lock on the inside whilst still able to lock the door from the outside. But he hadn’t considered his Cockapoo puppy jumping up at the door & accidently pushing the inside key in further – thereby locking him out!

The owner had only popped out for a takeaway coffee & when he went to open the door the key just wouldn’t engage with the lock, so he was well & truly locked out, with his puppy barking inside the property! Luckily, as an experienced locksmith I was able to get him back inside within about 5 minutes & I then suggested having a thumb turn lock fitted so this could not happen again. The client agreed, a new lock would be much safer & upgrade his security too. It turned out to be a rather expensive cup of coffee, but you couldn’t stay mad at that lovely, lively ball of fluff!

locked out by the dog in Cheltenham

Client Testimonial

My dog locked me out of my house – I joke not. Mark was with me in ten minutes and able to get me back in after about five minutes.

Mark installed a premium lock and the price was less than what others had wanted as a call out fee.
Great service.

Steve R