When people are looking for ways to improve the overall security of their property, external doors tend to get the main focus and windows often get overlooked. Now the winter months are closing in burglars will be thriving with the cover of darkness making breaking into a property less risky, therefore isn’t a better time than now to take a look at your home security measures and how you can improve them. You may already have the most secure locks on your front door but what about your windows?

Reduce Risk and Save Money!

When used alongside other home security measures having good, secure locks on your windows can go a long way to reducing your insurance premiums. Everyone knows that insurance companies have minimum requirements for door lock, however they also have minimum requirements for window locks too. If your current window locks don’t meet your insurers minimum requirements, then you could find that your policy id void. If you have discovered that your window locks are not sufficiently secure then don’t worry, our team at Secure Locksmith Cheltenham have put together a helpful guide that will be able to help you with this. The first thing you need to know is what type of window you have, there is a wide variety! Once you know what type of window you have finding a suitable lock that either meets or exceeds insurers minimum requirements should be easy.

Different Windows and Locks

Sash Windows – To improve the security of a sash window, you can have stops, or sash jammers installed which will prevent the windows from sliding past each other.

Casement Windows – This type of window often requires two types of locks, one on the small side handle and one on the long handle at the bottom. You can choose to have the handles changed completely that have secure locks already integrated within them or you can have locks installed on the existing handles.

Fanlight Windows – Mortice window bolts will work well when securing this type of window. Swing locks can also be used, these will allow you to reach in and unlock a larger window.

UPVC Windows – In most cases uPVC windows come fitted with key operated locks so they tend to be quite secure, however it is worth keeping an eye on the handles and ensure they are in good working order as they are prone to wear and tear.

As well as the measures mentioned above there are other measures you can take to ensure your windows are secure such as, window restrictors which will prevent any potential burglars from opening a window past a certain point so it is not wide enough for them to fit through. Window bars are also a good option.

Window locks might not seem important but in actual fact them play a vital role in the overall security of your property. If you need help determining what type of window you have, determining whether your locks are secure or need your window locks upgrading then contact Secure Locksmith Cheltenham today – 01242 374056