Over the last decade the St. Paul’s area of Cheltenham has seen an increase in antisocial behaviour and criminal activity.  Residents have raised concerns over road safety, drug crime, poor behaviour, littering, dangerous bikers, thefts from motor vehicles and burglary.  In 2019 between 3 and 9 residents of St. Paul’s were burgled each month, with some of the break ins taking place in the Pittville area.

Recently, at 11pm in the evening our emergency locksmith was called to attend an attempted break in at St. Paul’s.  The burglar had broken the handles and snapped the barrel in half to gain access to the St. Paul’s property.  As part of our 24 hour locksmith call out service we offered to replace the handles that evening and provided a snap safe cylinder lock replacement.  Although the customer suffered a snapped lock to the patio door at the rear of the property and broken handles, the customer was lucky that the burglar hadn’t succeeded in stealing any of their belongings or causing any internal damage.

Lock snapping is unfortunately rising in the UK and is becoming a popular way for intruders to gain access to your home quickly.  If you have been a victim of lock snapping call our emergency locksmith in Cheltenham for a rapid response 24/7 and a professional locksmith service.