Great Gadget!

10th December

I have noticed that a lot of houses that are burgled have been entered through the front door or windows.

Where thieves are targeting keys for cars, I came across a great gadget on my travels and purchased a door bell that works off your Wi-Fi.

It works on any smart phone and android phone and is easy to install. When anyone comes to your door it picks up the motion and records it and lets you know. The same happens if someone rings the door bell, you can answer and talk to that person, even if you are at work or on holiday.

Go to I highly recommend.

Mark Powell, Secure Locksmiths of Cheltenham

Look Out For Scammers!

December 2017

Every month we tend to hear of yet another break-in. Whether it's a small van belonging to your neighbour, a local business and it's equipment or even a home belonging to your family and friends. Unfortunately, this type of crime is not uncommon.

As our Locksmith business runs on keeping the bad guys out, we have to keep on top of the latest scams and ways we hear people are losing their belongings. We have compiled a list of things you can start doing immediately, with your safety in mind.

Don't forget to share these amongst your family and friends, to help them avoid any future issues that may arise.

  • Always have a Locksmith on speed dial. In a worst case situation, you will need someone you can trust and you know will offer fair pricing. Don't let someone take advantage of a bad day.
  • Always ask for identification. Any Locksmith who is not willing to show ID isn't worth the time. We are aware that entering homes and businesses on a daily basis is a huge moment for most. Don't get caught letting the wrong person in!
  • Avoid extremely low or below average quotes. We always go by the famous saying, "If something is too good to be true, it probably is!".
  • Drilling and replacement of locks are not always necessary. An experienced Locksmith can usually gain access to any door, so if you have simply lost your keys or are locked out, drilling will never be needed. If your Locksmith says it is, double check and play it safe!
  • Always check reviews. You can usually spot fake reviews from a mile off, so check online that the company name you have been dealing with has a great reputation before agreeing to any work.

If you ever find yourself running into trouble and encounter threats or unreasonable behaviour, call the police immediately.

We hope this helps at least one person out there, if you would like to learn more about Locksmith scams, you can do so by clicking here.

Alternatively, if you are on the lookout for a reputable and legitimate Locksmith in Cheltenham, feel free to give us a call.

Secure Locksmiths of Cheltenham.

Break-In Increase!

Week ending the 5th November

Been called to a number of people’s homes after they have been broken in to between the hours of 3.30 pm and 8.00pm most days.

Remember to lock all doors and leave a light on so people think there is someone home!

Please check that all door locks are british standard 3621/2007 to insurance approved and upvc door locks are snap safe to british standard en 1303

If in doubt, call Mark! I will give you a free no obligation security check.

Mark Powell, Secure Locksmiths of Cheltenham

Morning Break In

29th October 2017

Attended on Monday morning a break in, on a garden machinery shop in Cheltenham which had £9,000.00 worth of chainsaws stolen.

They called Secure Locksmiths in to beef up there security.

I advised what they needed.

I installed angle iron on the door frame all round with 9 inch bolts along with two secure by design and insurance approved dead bolts british standard 3621/2007 along with a third middle lock british standard sash lock again secure by design and insurance approved, along with an eight inch thick steel door cover bolted from the inside. I also installed hinge bolts and an extra hinge on the back of the door

I was advised by the owner two days later that the insurance company had inspected the work carried out and were pleased with what we had done!

If you're worried about the security of your business or home, please call me. Free, no obligation quotes for any new locks, dead bolts or other security measures required.

Mark Powell, Secure Locksmiths of Cheltenham