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Secure Locksmith Cheltenham     Address: 1 Frewin close, Cheltenham, GL51 0XT     Phone: 01242 420056

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Secure Locksmith Cheltenham

Welcome to Secure Locksmith Cheltenham, an experienced and reliable locksmith based locally in Cheltenham. Our professional services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we have absolutely no call out fee’s, as well as not charging VAT. We are able to work with domestic, commercial and industrial customers, and our dedicated services are only a phone call away. Want a locksmith with a great reputation? Take a look through our customer testimonials to see just why we have earned our reputation as providing locksmith services in Cheltenham to an incredibly high standard.

Whether you have lost your keys, or you have been locked out, get in touch with Mark from Secure Locksmith and he can help you in all situations.

Your safety is important, which is why we are available 24/7 to help you in an emergency lock situation. Our professional locksmith is qualified at Locksmith Level 3, and highly experienced which allows them to provide a top quality service. We ensure that all of our engineers are DBS checked, wear a uniform and carry ID badges.

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For more information on any of our services please visit our Locksmith services page

Customer Reviews

Thank-you so much to Mark from Secure Locksmith for your prompt and efficient service. I have had problems in the past when i have needed a locksmith and all the others have been very unreliable not turning up or claiming a 24/7 service then not answering the phone when I've tried to call them. So thank-you again and if i am ever in need of a locksmith in the future you would definitely be my first port of call

Naomi Piontek

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Why choose Secure Locksmith Cheltenham

There are a variety of ways that a Secure Locksmith can help you.

Immediate local response

Need help in a hurry? Secure Locksmiths Cheltenham are there to help you just when you need them. We have a vast amount of experience in all types of locks, and are on hand to give you a swift solution at a cost-effective price.

No matter the day, no matter the time. When we say 24/7 we mean it. Best of all, we won’t charge you extra for the call out.

Always safety first

As a professional locksmith company, we understand that safety is always important. Every locksmith that works within our company is qualified to level 3. This means that not only are they are able to carry out a top-quality service, but also ensure your safety at every stage. They are all DBS checked and our locksmiths not only carry an ID badge but also wear a special uniform to ensure that you recognise who is coming to your home.

So, if you are in the Cheltenham area and you need a reliable locksmith company. Get in touch with us here at Secure Locksmiths and let us help you with our low cost and high quality locksmith service.

Locks Changed and Fitted

If you need to replace your door lock or fit a new lock we can help with all your needs. We fit and supply the highest quality security locks in Cheltenham. For further information on changing locks please visit our relevant article below. Get in touch with us and we will be happy to help with your requirements.

Emergency Locksmith

We all know that the last thing you want is to be locked out your house, snapped a key in your door or lost your keys but it happens. If you need a lock changed in a emergency or anything else you can be sure to rely on Mark from Secure Locksmiths for an immediate response 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Just Moved Home?

Moving in to your new home is always a great experience albeit very stressful. Mark would always advise to replace the locks in your new home to secure your property and for peace of mind. Secure Locksmiths can replace your door locks when you move into your new property or if you have in place new tenants to your property reducing the risk of other members having keys to your doors making the safety of your property vulnerable. We can also provide a FREE security check to your property.

Locked out of your House?

With vast experience in all types of locks Secure Locksmiths can provide an immediate response time and get you back into your house in no time at a cost effective price. Why not contact us to see how we can be of help to you.

Services Covered

Lock Snapping know about vulnerable uPVC Euro Profile cylinder locks

It’s a sad fact but burglary rates in the UK are rising and lots of these burglaries are due a unique breaking and entry method. Lock snapping of UPVC and composite type Euro Profile Cylinder door locks.

Vulnerable Euro Profile door cylinders are fitted to millions of homes across the country, some burglars have discovered how, without any key how easy it is to break the lock and walk in through the front door. If you have any concerns about your types of lock in your home, business premises or property contact Mark from Secure Locksmiths and we can arrange a FREE home security check on your property for your peace of mind and safety. Or read here for more expert locksmith advice and information.

Home security tips and things to look out for.

Always make sure the exterior of your property is secure

Look out for faulty windows and doors.  If you have a garage or outbuilding make sure that is secured at all times. If you have a side entrance and you leave any tools around make sure these are out of sight or locked away in the shed or garage as these tools can be used as a quick way of entry in to your home. If you have any ladders outside make sure you chain these up at all times.

Ditch bad habits

Always remember to take the key out of your door as this can be a very easy mistake for an opportunist thief to simply break the panel and reach around to find the key or go through your letterbox to retrieve the key.

Security Alarms

If you have a security alarm be sure to reset the codes on a regular basis as word may have got around of your codes to your home security system.

UPVC doors

If you have uPVC doors as stated above it is of high importance to get these checked out to see if they are safe and will be secure against Lock snapping. You can read more about lock snapping below in our article.

Lighting inside and outside your home.

For outdoors automatic sensor lights can be a great deterrent for potential thief's adding the bonus of being helpful when you are coming home in the dark or go out in the garden in the dark and need improved visibility. Also if you are away form your home think about purchasing an automatic light to put inside your house to portray someone in the house.

Keep your Car Keys safe

Consider where you leave your car keys during the day and overnight. The amount of car keys stolen simply through thief’s trying to locate them through a letterbox is very high. Please your keys in a secure place away from your front or rear door. If they are in a draw they are out of sight and more likely to be secure even if a thief does break into you house as they are not in plain sight.

Lock Snapping on the rise in Prestbury and the rest of the UK

Lock snapping is a way of burglars to enter your home in a matter of seconds by using nothing much more than brute force to gain entry. Unfortunately a vast majority of homes have these types of locks fitted to their UPVC doors. Last week alone we were called out 3 times to a customers house that has been broken into using the lock snapping technique and that was only in Prestbury let alone the rest of Cheltenham. We attended and fixed the problems and fitted all new secure locks to the doors.

This problem is ever growing in Cheltenham and throughout the UK which is a very worrying. We would always suggest to have a security check on your home or business premises to ensure this never happens to you and if you do have these types of locks we would highly suggest you get new secure ones fitted to avoid a potential break in to your business, tenanted property, your home or any other type of building. The upset a burglary entails alone is very high let alone the loss of belongings being expensive or in most cases irreplaceable holding the most value.

We can carry out security checks to your property and advise on the best security measures to safeguard your home even if you don't have these types of locks Mark the expert locksmith generally finds flaws in most properties and gives excellent professional advice on what can be done. Below are a few main areas that can help you secure your home.

Things to consider to keep your home more secure

We take pride in all our work at Secure Locksmith Cheltenham and always believe in giving the best advice for our customers and potential customers. We strive to keep you as safe as possible and in the unexpected time you may be locked out, snapped your keys in the door or anything else we ensure to get the job done and arrive in a timely manner to reduce the inconvenience and stress of this happening.

Some reasons why you should consider replacing your locks.

Below we are going to outline some important reasons and answers as to when you should be changing your locks in your home or other premises. Remember all of our advice is to ensure you know exactly how to keep yourself and your family safe from burglaries, break in’s and potential chaos.

Moving House

If you have recently moved into a new home in Cheltenham who knows who could have a set of keys to your house. We would always without question recommend to replace all keys to windows and doors to ensure you are the sole keeper of your new homes keys. If you are renting for example be sure to ask the landlord if the locks have been replaced for peace of mind on both parties. Another thing relevant to this section would be if you have recently had work going on in your home and you have given a set of keys to a contractor, I know its a sad thought but you don’t know if they have taken copies of your key and one day in the future return for some of your belongings.

Lost Keys

If you have recently been locked out of your home due to loosing a key and you still cant trace the missing key who knows where it could be. In some cases it could simply be lost down a drain, behind the sofa or anything else but it may be the case someone has taken these keys and in the wrong hands your home is now vulnerable to burglaries. In order to stop this call a local locksmith to come and replace the locks for peace of mind and while he is there ask for a security check of your home.

New Employees in the Workplace

If you own your own business or manage a business in or around Cheltenham which has a premises chances are at one point or another you have asked your staff to open up/ lock up when it isn’t convenient for you to do so. Again we are coming back to the same question, who knows who has a set of keys to your business premises? This is highly important not so much an emotional pull than your home but your business is your livelihood and if someone decided to break in and take your stock, furniture or even your takings this could have a big impact on your business and the longevity of it so please be vigilant on who you give your keys to and change your locks on a regular basis.

New Tenants

As mentioned above in the Moving House section above this is slightly different as it is aimed at landlords alone being from home landlords to business premises landlords and anything in between. If you ever have new tenants in place at any time I would say it is imperative to change all your locks as you are putting your tenants at risk so for the sake of a small sum to ensure your investment is secure and your tenants are safe and happy.

That rounds up our quick article of when and why you should replace your locks, if any of the above is relevant to you or you would like some expert locksmith advice then please feel free to contact us.

Why it is good to choose a local locksmith

We all know that getting locked out of your home or business is always unexpected but you should just jump to the first locksmith company you find as local locksmiths and national firms are very far apart in terms of service, price and timescale's. The Internet is littered with national call centre locksmith companies that charge you a fortune for very little service.

When looking for a local locksmith it's always best to see if they have a mobile number or a local number. Another thing to look for is where they are based near to you, if they are further away the longer it will take them to get to you, in turn more waiting around for the locksmith.

Never pay money up front for a service before they have even left to see the lock problem as it may be a very simple lock pick or it could end up in some cases having to drill the locking mechanism and install a new lock.

With a local locksmith we have to be competitive on price and ensure all our customers are satisfied at all times as word of mouth and customer feedback is very important for business. With national lock companies they are very price driven which is off putting from the start.

If you have any questions or would like some further information on what we can offer you please don't hesitate to get in contact with Mark on 01242 420056